Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pick and Choose

Brought to my attention via this post at Gay Spirituality & Culture, here's a very engaging essay on the Christian Right's selective use of scripture to justify its political agenda:

How Biblical is the Christian Right?

Although the article is a lengthy read, it's well worth the effort. The author (University of Chicago professor Margaret Mitchell) takes an in-depth look at how Christian Right organizations fall short of being the biblical literalists that everyone assumes them to be. Instead, they cherry-pick whatever verses they can find that seem to support their agenda, usually with little regard for context, for an array of issues ranging from gambling to homosexuality to war.

Not that this is particularly shocking news for those familiar with the methods and tactics of groups like Focus on the Family, but Dr. Mitchell demonstrates just how far these organizations fall short of anything resembling serious biblical scholarship.

So refill your cup of tea, get settled into a comfortable position, and click on the link.

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John said...

Bible literalists are ignorant of Church history. They should read what St. Jerome wrote in his Letter to Pachomius at the end of the 4th century.