Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reading Materials

1. Jim Burroway continues his in-depth exploration of the dark (and seriously chilling) psyche of Paul Cameron. The article is available at both the Box Turtle Bulletin and at Ex-Gay Watch.

Jim is also compiling a list of sites that still cite Cameron's "research." If you come across any other examples for his list, be sure to pass them along.

2. Christine talks about the "helpful" feedback she's gotten from ex-gays and other conservative Christians in response to her interview in Glamour magazine and her appearance on Good Morning America.

All of which leads me to address a question to any conservative evangelicals who might stumble upon this post: Do you seriously think that treating people with condescension and casually dismissing all of their life experiences in favor of your personal opinions about their "lifestyle" somehow advances the gospel? Have you ever taken even a moment to reflect on how callous, arrogant and thoroughly unChristlike you appear to every non-evangelical who comes across your words?

3. David at Resolving Realities offers a defense of his 'Side A' beliefs on the issue of homosexuality. It makes me wonder how my life might have been different if I'd taken the time to do my own thinking on this issue at a younger age.

4. As I was compiling this, news of Jerry Falwell's death hit the internet. While it's true that I won't mourn the passing of a voice whose words, on many occasions, were deeply hurtful to many people, I'm not going to celebrate his family's loss, either.

In the final analysis only God knows what truly lies in the depths of another person's heart. Falwell was beginning to soften his message in recent years, and any speculation I offered regarding his motives would be pure conjecture.

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David said...

Thanks for the link, Eugene. I'm honored. :)

(And Christine's blog, as well as Jim's article, were seriously good reads, as well.)