Monday, February 25, 2008


JJ tagged me a couple of weeks back, so lest she thinks that I forgot to respond (because I'd never do that *cough*), here are six random (and most likely useless) things about me.

1. I became a die-hard Star Trek fan at the ripe old age of five. Consequently my mom became a fan too; she insists I was the one who got her into it, and my memories from that far back are too hazy to either dispute or confirm her recollection of events.

2. I've lived in four different states over the course of my life. I've visited 15 other states and three foreign countries, counting places that I've at least stayed overnight. Add one Canadian province and two more states if you count any visit where I at least stopped for a meal. Add seven additional states and one more country if you count driving through and airport connections. I'd love to see more of the world than that, but barring the unlikely advent of my getting on the Amazing Race, I don't see those numbers going up very dramatically.

3. Speaking of the Amazing Race, I actually applied once with a friend, audition video and all. We never heard back from the producers.

4. The last concert I attended featured Jars of Clay during their Eleventh Hour tour. I was a bit more into concerts when I was younger, but now I just hate what the noise level does to my ears.

5. I remember where I was when Ronald Reagan was shot. We were in study hall, and our principal came in and made the announcement with a big smile on his face. This was at a private school, and no, he wasn't a very nice man.

6. I'm a Mac user, and have been since college. I may have to use a Windows box at work, but at home I'm free from Microsoft's bloated grip. Free, I say, free!

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Craig L. Adams said...

Hurray for Mac users!