Friday, January 25, 2013


Some interesting stuff that I've come across in recent weeks, all recent if not quite brand new...

In archaeological news, the lost city of Myra (home of St. Nicholas) is no longer lost.  (If that link disappears behind a subscription firewall, here's another link with similar info.)

In astronomical news, scientists are now confirming that Earth-size planets are considerably more common than once thought.  How common biological life (much less sentient life) actually is on those planets remains to be seen, of course.

But it may someday be possible to actually find out for ourselves, if this NASA scientist is correct.  He believes that travel via warp drive, once thought to be impossible for all practical purposes, may in fact be achievable.  Perhaps some future generation of explorers really will roam the galaxy in the USS Enterprise after all.

Finally, on a Trek-related tangent, here's a link to a very funny new webcomic, LARPTrek.

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