Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wow, how easily a month and a half can go by when life gets busy. I hadn't planned to take such an extended break from blogging, but I suppose this is how many a blog fades away - a week turns into a month, and soon one is so out of the habit of blogging that it ceases to be a priority.

And with all the stress surrounding the start of a new job - one that also happens to be a lot busier than my previous job - I simply didn't have the energy to worry about posting anything here. But the good news is that I am employed again; a lot of people have been out of work for far longer, and given how terrible I am at making first impressions (a fact nearly anyone who knows me will attest to if they're being honest) I attribute it to the grace of God that I got this one. It's a great fit for me in terms of my experience and skill sets, but I know I didn't get it on the strength of my less-than-mad interviewing skills.

But I digress. I don't intend to let this blog die, though the break was probably a good thing for me in any case. In recent months I could tell that I'd said just about everything I had to say, and that I was repeating myself enough that even I was getting bored with some of my posts. That's not to say that I have nothing at all left to say, just that the ground needs to lie fallow every now and then to remain productive.

In the meantime, if you live in or near the Denver area, be sure you don't miss your chance to hear Wendy Gritter and Chely Wright at Highlands Church's annual symposium on the Evangelical Church and Homosexuality. It promises to be a memorable weekend...