Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy April

I may not feel like doing much writing at the moment, but I can at least point whoever's still reading toward some of the interesting things I've come across recently.  In this installment:

1. Justin Lee explains what homosexuality is (graciously, as always) for those who still think of it as nothing more than a sex act.

2. Switchfoot's lead singer explains why they don't consider their music "Christian."  As someone who grew up listening to Christian music (and continued the habit into my 30s), I'm happy to see the separatism of evangelical culture slowly fading away.

3. A group of gay bloggers, thinkers and activists have signed a statement emphasizing the importance of supporting our opponents' right to publicly disagree with us.  It's often a fine line to walk when dealing with those who would deny us our rights, but we must be careful that we don't become that which we once deplored.

4. Which is not to say that we should let what our opponents say go unchallenged.  And as Rachel Held Evans noticed, the things they're saying keep getting more hyperbolic.

5. On a lighter note, as a fan of the magicians who appear on America's Got Talent, I would be remiss in not sharing this amazing act that appeared recently on Britain's Got Talent.