Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Links

Some more interesting stuff for your week...

1. This Denver Post editorial clarifies why private businesses can't be allowed the right to turn away customers solely on the basis of personal prejudice.  It also points out the distinction between that and freedom of speech exceptions, which answers my own concerns about cases like this.

2. Although I was never homeschooled myself, I knew a fair amount about the homeschool movement back in the 90s when evangelical groups were pushing hard for it.  Thus, it's very interesting to get this update on the results of that grand experiment.  Granted, there are many homeschooled children whose experiences are far more positive than these, and there are cases in which home schooling genuinely is the best option for a kid, but we now have a generation of young adults that can attest that separatism and indoctrination are never good reasons...

3. ThinkProgress points out five ways in which the world is becoming a better place.  In the midst of all the reasons we have to worry for the future (destruction of the environment, terrorism, the decline of the American middle class, etc.), it's helpful to be reminded that all is not bleak.

4. From the "this is cool" department, a collection of maps that will help to clarify the way you see the world.

5. Finally, a plug for an upcoming project that I'm personally excited about: a live-action version of the long-running comic Knights of the Dinner Table...

Friday, December 06, 2013


A few interesting articles to round out your week with:

1. First, this article on a side of C.S. Lewis that most people have never been aware of.  Some people want to keep their spiritual heroes on pedestals; personally, I like him more now that I know a little more about his human side.

2. Rob Bell on how to read the Bible.  It comes to life in a myriad of ways as soon as we stop trying to read it like an instruction manual.

3. Building on this piece from John Shore, perhaps the billboard Times Square really needs this Christmas is one that says Don't Feed the Fundies (of any stripe).