Friday, June 23, 2006


And now, some quick pointers to things I've been reading lately...

Steve Boese at A Tenable Belief has been blogging on his recent experience attending a Love Won Out conference. In part four, he analyzes the presentation given by Joseph Nicolosi of NARTH. Dr. Nicolosi is a textbook example of an individual who has chosen to place ideology ahead of what the facts might say if allowed to speak for themselves, as Boese aptly illustrates.

The guys at Positive Liberty always have a number of interesting discussions going on, not the least of which is their debunking of the myth that America's Founding Fathers set out to establish a 'Christian' nation. As Jonathan Rowe reiterates in this installment of that ongoing discussion, the beliefs of the key Founding Fathers bore a closer resemblance to Unitarian Universalism than anything that modern-day Evangelicals would consider to be within the realm of orthodox Christianity.

And speaking of Evangelical politics, Gregory Boyd's latest book, The Myth of a Christian Nation, is one I'll definitely be quoting from in future posts. This book is a must-read for anyone questioning whether groups like Focus on the Family really represent how a Christian can best engage in politics (and society in general).

Finally, on a lighter note, here's what Stephen Colbert has to say about the gay threat. (If you have any trouble with the YouTube link, here's one to Comedy Central's Colbert Report page.


jimbo said...

Thanks for the Colbert link :)

Eric said...

yeah thanks E, that was hilarious!