Friday, October 06, 2006

One Year, 100 Posts

It seems somehow significant that I was able to reach those milestones at the same time - in part by delaying another post that's sitting half-written in my queue, but that one would have been #100 at roughly the same time if not for this one. 365 days ago I said hello to the blogosphere, and somehow I'm still here typing away.

I'm not going to get mystical about it, since sometimes a coincidence really is a coincidence, but it is kind of cool that it worked out that way. Although my 200th post is unlikely to fall on my two-year anniversary, here's hoping that I'm still around to note both of those events.

And it's been quite a ride. As an example of both how far I've progressed and how slowly change comes, here's an excerpt from the letter I shared back on that first day:

So where does that leave me, except in a state of perpetual uncertainty? Since God has not seen fit to give me a straight (no pun intended) up-or-down answer, all I can do is go back to Him on a daily basis for guidance. And perhaps that’s how He wants it to be; it’s easy to become spiritually and intellectually lazy when we think we know all the answers. Will the answers He gives me over time match the expectations of those around me? I don’t know. I keep discovering over and over that God doesn’t fit neatly into the theological boxes we perpetually try to stuff Him into.

But I do know this: God wants to do something big in the gay community. I’m not the only one who senses that, though I don’t know of anyone who has a clear picture of what it’s actually going to look like. The church, both liberal and conservative, does more to hinder than to help, but the stubbornness of God’s people won’t hold back His plans forever. His Spirit is already moving, in ways that aren’t necessarily going to please people on either side of the divide. And something new is clearly needed. Exodus isn’t the answer. Soulforce isn’t the answer. Focus on the Family is, unfortunately, part of the problem.

I’m sure that all sounds very vague and pretentious, and I could be wrong about any or all of what I’m predicting. But God has not abandoned the millions of people who experience same-sex attractions, even if many in His church wish we’d all just go away (we’ve tried; we can’t). On that much I’ll stake everything.

Here's to whatever God has in store for the next twelve months...

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Peterson Toscano said...

Eugene, so glad you are sharing your voice here. You add so much to the ever growing dicussion.