Thursday, December 07, 2006

Random Thought

In the wake of my recent mention of the thought process behind my writing style, I was reminded of a paper I wrote back in college for one of my biblical studies classes.

The topic was women in ministry, and we were to argue either for or against women being allowed to serve as pastors. At the time I was against the idea, being fairly conservative in my theology.

I'd done all of my research well in advance, had my citations picked out and had a pretty good idea of what I was going to say, but didn't actually sit down to write the paper until the day before it was due. As I got to the end of my essay, I suddenly realized that I'd just written an argument in favor of women serving as pastors, and changing my argument would have required rewriting the entire thing - which I didn't have time for by then.

The professor gave my paper an A.

I never was quite sure what to think of that...


Anonymous said...

Funny story. Writing does help grow us, doesn't it?

P.S.: Just added you to the GS&C blogroll.

all the best,


E said...


Thanks for the link.

Eric said...

Hey E! Long time, i know....(sorry!)

i can relate with starting to write with one picture in mind, then all of a sudden wondering how i got here by the conclusion. i like being able to write freely without structure because it takes me places i may not have explored before. i just realize that me writing it doesn't necessarily reflect what i actually believe - just that it represents an openness to growing and considering other things. When i take a step back and consider where I've been and where i'm now and what i'm considering now....i think that's when i can figure what it is exactly that i can own as what i actually believe.

hehe - here i go just writing freely without structure and this comment is never ending!

what's my point again?

Looking forward to seeing you again at the conference!