Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dream On

Every time I read about another kid whose parents have kicked him or her out of the house for being gay, I think about how nice it would be to be in a position to take some of these kids in.

Right now it's out of the question since my place is too small to accommodate another person, and I could only afford a larger home if I had a roommate who could help defray the cost. It also seems like the sort of thing a couple would be better suited for. Not that a single person couldn't help kids in that situation, but temperamentally I'm not sure that I'd be well suited to the task by myself.

Still, God's done far bigger things with people who were even more inadequate to the task at hand than I would be, so who knows what may happen a couple years down the road. Dreams that God is behind have a way of becoming reality no matter how formidable the obstacles standing in the way.

So I guess I won't write off that particular notion just yet.

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Justin Ray said...

Just be careful not to bite off more than your an chew. In my experience, the divine works in very practical ways.