Thursday, August 16, 2007

Around the World

1. Radical Christianists may not openly endorse acts of violence like their Islamist counterparts, but sometimes they're not as different as we'd all like to think.

2. It seems like every week there's another reason to avoid buying Chinese products. As if not subsidizing the military buildup of a human rights nightmare wasn't enough of an incentive.

3. Yes, Virginia, there really is a reason to provide legal recognition for gay couples.

4. Finally, on a lighter note, we now have a sound rationale for keeping gays out of the military.

1 comment:

Steve F. said...

1) Makes me want to post some home addresses and phone numbers, myself. Except I'm a decent enough person to know that behaving like that's just not right. (I know that, even if Christians don't.)

2) If I weren't vehemently against the use of projectile weapons, this would be the thing that would make me take up arms.

3) Seven for one, eh? That's just too precious for words...