Saturday, December 08, 2007

Curious, Isn't It

As uninterested as I am in getting dragged into all the brouhaha surrounding The Golden Compass, I do have one observation to share.

It's pretty much a given that we'll see Christians marching in the streets whenever a movie or book (or whatever) comes out that portrays Christianity in a negative light or otherwise challenges "Judeo-Christian values" (as if God needed our protection). Isn't it interesting, though, that those who protest the loudest are so often the ones most inclined to speak about atheists and other non-Christians in condescending, derogatory and even openly contemptuous terms?

Hypocrisy committed in the name of Jesus is still hypocrisy.

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Communion of Glitches said...

"as if God needed our protection"--love it!

I also think it's funny how self-selective the "I'm not seeing/reading/buying that because it's not Christian" crowd is. How many would refuse medical treatment developed by a non-Christian? Do they refuse to wear clothes made by non-Christians? Do they refrain from putting up Christmas trees and decorating Easter eggs because of these traditions' non-Christian roots? Surely some do, but not most.

If you're going to be a fanatic, go all the way.