Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here's the Story

Seeing how my blog just passed the 200 post mark, I figure it's time to answer the question I get asked most often when I meet one of my dozen readers in person: How did I end up with such a weird url?

In short, when it came time to choose the word(s) or combination of characters that would precede "," I discovered that "paradoxy" was already taken. Undeterred, I started trying some other words and phrases that I felt matched the spirit of what I was trying to create, only to find each of them already in use. (And no, I don't remember what those were anymore.)

Finally, when I was about ready to scream, I typed my scream into the box in a fit of frustration. Naturally, that's the address that Blogger finally accepted.

And thus, another online identity was born.

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