Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bridging the Gap

To become neighbors is to bridge the gap between people. As long as there is distance between us and we cannot look into one another's eyes, all sorts of false ideas and images arise. We give them names, make jokes about them, cover them with our prejudices, and avoid direct contact. We think of them as enemies. We forget that they love as we love, care for their children as we care for ours, become sick and die as we do. We forget that they are our brothers and sisters and treat them as objects that can be destroyed at will.

Only when we have the courage to cross the road and look in one another's eyes can we see there that we are children of the same God and members of the same human family.

Henri Nouwen, Bread For the Journey, July 22 entry


bridgeout said...

Hi! When I was in Grad school we read a lot of Henry Nowen (sp?). Excellent reading! I am grateful I found your blog! I am on a similar journey of reconciling my faith with my sexuality. Peace... Wendy

Anonymous said...


Really appreciate the Nouwen quote. It fits so well with a project we're working on called, "Bridging the Gap: Conversations on Befriending Our Gay Neighbours". I've been finding that many Christ-followers do want to develop deeper friendships with their gay neighbours and colleagues - but often feel uncertain in knowing how to go about that.... this quote is a great fit.

another wendy