Monday, May 19, 2008


Because there's always plenty going on in the blogosphere...

1. Noe Gutierrez shares his story and his insights into the ex-gay world with Ex-Gay Watch.

2. Tobias Haller has written a well thought out series on the Bible and homosexuality. Part 1 is here.

3. My friend Eric has taken another step out of the closet. Someday maybe I'll be in a position to do likewise.

4. Since you can already read about the California marriage decision on about a billion other sites, I'm not feeling too inclined to discuss it in-depth. Misty Irons' take on it is worth reading, if you haven't already seen it. For my part, I'm cautiously optimistic. This is only going to make the religious right fight twice as hard, and even if their day in the sun truly is coming to a close there's still a lot of damage they can do on their way down.


Doorman-Priest said...

Take a look at the website of Courage UK, an ex ex-gay movement.

CrackerLilo said...

I've just sort of accepted that this is my cause, and I can't let myself get burned out, you know? I know there'll be fighting. I also figure that the hatefuller they get, the better everyone who doesn't think they have a dog in this fight will see that same-sex marriage isn't so bad. One day maybe L'Ailee and I will be in the old folks' home laughing about it all on the front porch.