Monday, July 14, 2008

Sites to See

-First up, Peterson Toscano's thoughtful response to a guy struggling with his sexuality. Key insight: "Where is the joy in the journey?"

-Conservative Republican Ward Connerly follows in Barry Goldwater's steps and endorses gay marriage.

-Professor Miguel de la Torre challenges James Dobson's version of the gospel.

-And, not to make this a complete Dobson bashfest, but it's nonetheless true that James Dobson Doesn’t Speak For Me.

-Finally, five words nobody ever expected to see together in the same sentence: Jar Jar, You’re a Genius...


Doorman-Priest said...

An interestingand eclectic mix. Thank you.

CrackerLilo said...

I just now bashed Dobson, too, or at least Focus on the Family! Seems like a theme for now. Their "Plugged In" magazine suggested a "pro-family" playlist consisting of 20 of the sappiest God-and-family country songs you've ever heard in your life. My work husband and I love country but hate "pro-family" sap, and that's been pervading the genre. We made a playlist of our own.

Anyway. Thank you for linking to Christians who think differently. It is also a really pleasant surprise that Ward Connerly endorsed same-sex marriage! Wow, we really are on a critical path!