Wednesday, March 11, 2009


1. While it's no surprise that a country like Uganda would hold an anti-gay symposium, or that some Americans who have made a career of bashing gay folks would take part in it, it's still a disappointment to see an individual with direct ties to Exodus giving tacit endorsement to Uganda's barbarous treatment of gays by participating.

As such, I find myself in general agreement with this open letter signed by David Roberts, Jim Burroway, Mike Airhart and Wayne Besen. Exodus had plenty of time to either stop its board member (Don Schmierer) from attending or to publicly disassociate itself from Schmierer and the conference, and it met all requests for such a stance with silence.

But at least it does lay to rest once and for all any question of whether Exodus really loves gay people (outside of the "repentant" ones inside its ministries) like it claims to. Full coverage of what went on in Uganda is available at Box Turtle Bulletin.

2. Peterson wrote a piece earlier this week on rising above victimhood as an ex-gay survivor. My take at Ex-Gay Watch can be found here.

3. On a slightly lighter note, Joe.My.God.'s Ironic Quote of the Day hits close to home. Back in my evangelical days the irony of Billy Graham's statement would have escaped me; now I struggle to imagine how anyone couldn't see it...

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