Wednesday, October 07, 2009


1. Donald Miller offers up some interesting thoughts on morality and how we formulate it. Quote to ponder:

Many people are moral for religious reasons, stating their morality comes from the Bible or a sacred text (which, while these books can influence morality, are not written with the intention of defining a moral code. If they are, they are terribly written and the authors couldn’t land their point.)

While I would word that slightly differently, the point to take away is that when treated as a code of laws the Bible largely fails us; there are too many situations it doesn't adequately address, and too many of the situations it does cover don't directly apply to us today. As the story of God's past interactions with humanity, however, the Bible is a storehouse of wisdom that can shape our moral development as we get better acquainted with it.

2. Good interview with Justin Lee and Nate Krogh of the Gay Christian Network over at the Burnside Writers Collective.

3. Another anecdote illustrating the fact that Stage Three thinking is hardly limited to the religious right - or even to the religious realm.

4. Finally, in the "pot, meet kettle" category, Conservapedia sets out to rewrite the Bible in its own image.

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