Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A few random things that have caught my attention lately...

1. First, a belated nod to this post that nicely sums up why Jon Stewart has become my favorite TV personality.  If only there were more journalists ("serious" or otherwise) like him.

2. Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use.  Seriously.  Some of these made me cringe even when I was a card-carrying conservative evangelical.

3. Rachel Evans reviews a book I really need to read.  Learning how to read the Bible on its own terms instead of literally has only made me love it more, so I'm happy to see more Christians waking up to the folly of treating it like a modern history book and instruction manual.

4. Finally, this picture, which could also be the motto of the religious right...

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Anonymous said...

You may want to rethink your haughty stance against those with religious convictions. If you're not willing or afraid to make fun of a picture of the Prophet Mohammed, the Pope, or Buddha it would serve your purpose better to stop the lame pics and attacks on Christians. If you hate them great-then be fair and go after the other homosexual hating religions. Otherwise you look like someone who is only interested in easy targets and repeating the same worn-out excuses. This is coming from an old gay guy who has seen and understood much more of the world than the over-reacting gay youth who is indignant and unappreciative of what they have because you're to buys demanding things be given to you without earning them. You get marriage equality by accepting and working with those of faith. Not mocking and marginalizing. You haven't been through the gay life during it's civic inception and haven't fought real fights and lost real people as a consequence. You sit on your blogs judging everyone so smugly while being shocked and against that others sit in judgement of you. You get what you give and gays have been giving hate to the world and expecting love in return ONLY if they agree to the one and only way of accepting gays which is to endorse their behavior. last i check people could still agree to disagree and get along without having to endorse a particular behavior. Gays want equality then stop over-reacting to statements Christians make about believing what they do. if you're unwilling to degrade all religions equally then you should stop using it as a means to create posts for your blog. Surly there are other things to blog about if you have more to talk about than just bashing anyone with a belief. Except Muslims of coarse. gays are afraid of calling out Muslims and demand they accept homosexuality or they aren't welcome in our communities like Christians. Equality means you also hate all religious equally if you're going to go the hate route. Such blatant hypocrisy has no place in an honest debate.