Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In the Wake of Prop 8

1. Quote of the day:
"If you're a woman, I can legally marry you in the US for any of the following reasons: money, social status, pity, pride, drunken stupor, green card, practical joke, to win a bet, to save you, to abuse you, to force your father to give me a job, I ordered you online, I won a reality tv show, marriage is on my "to do" list, you're my only hope, or just for fun. If you're a man, not even love is reason enough."
-Phil Putnam (the link is to his Facebook profile; I don't know if non-friends can view it)

Seriously, if the religious right were truly concerned about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, they'd be doing a lot of housecleaning beyond merely trying to stomp on the gays.

2. A heartfelt plea for equal treatment from a survivor of extreme anti-gay prejudice. Stories like this one remind me how blessed I am to have several supportive family members, including a mother who has always placed a higher value on people than on dogma.

3. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty speaks out in support of gay marriage. He mistakenly states that many of the Founding Fathers were atheists (it's true that many of them weren't orthodox Christians, but they still believed in God), but aside from that he makes some good points.

4. Regarding the ruling itself, Andrew Sullivan believes the California Supreme Court made the right call. Classically Liberal disagrees.

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CrackerLilo said...

I love that first quote! I'ts so true! I don't really want the Religious Right to do "housecleaning" on mixed-sex marriages, though. There are some tentative efforts (like bids to make divorces harder to get in Virginia or make it very expensive for couples to marry without going through pre-marital counseling, usually Christian and conservative, first). That sort of "housecleaning" is usually awful for women and/or non-Christians.

And I know that's not really what you're advocating, either. I know you're trying to point out the lack of "sanctity" in mixed-sex marriage. It can really make you angry though, can't it?! When I initially looked up information on Yahoo!, the front page had stuff about the couple of Jon & Kate Plus 8's marital meltdown. I got so angry! My conservative Christian relatives just *loved* them and thought they were a wonderful example. Well, seems like L'Ailee and I are doing better--and we're not hurting eight children, either!

It's good to know that Rob Thomas isn't completely useless. :-)