Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Few Good Links

A few recent items from my reading (and viewing) list that were worth sharing:

-Justin Snow's Decline and Fall of the Ex-Gay Movement provides an accurate and fairly comprehensive history of the movement.  While it still feels premature to announce its fall, I certainly pray that its decline is terminal as people continue to wake up to the fact that gay people are no more broken and no less valuable than everyone else.

-Nakedpastor's version of the blind men and the elephant nicely sums up how foolish we make ourselves look when we claim to have God all figured out.

-Momastery's Glennon responds to her critics, some of whom sound a lot like those blind men arguing over the nature of their elephant.

-Finally, on a lighter note, here at last is a horror movie that doesn't insult my intelligence.

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