Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Random Links

Well, not so much random as diverse.  Just a few interesting things I've come across recently.

1. If it happened there - how the media might report the US government shutdown if it were happening in another country.  We Americans could only benefit from occasionally engaging in the academic exercise of judging ourselves by the same standards that we judge other countries.

2. 19 everyday situations that are impossibly difficult for the socially awkward.  I can identify with almost all of these, and think Chandler Bing's quote at the end sums it up perfectly.

3. Every LGBT person could use a brother like this.

4. Another case to be made that Romans 1:26-27 works best as a clobber passage when its context is ignored.

5. Finally, a bit of geekery: size comparisons for a whole slew of ships from various science fiction properties.

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